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What shall we do if the 3D/4D probe oil leakage?

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What shall we do if the 3D/4D probe oil leakage?
What shall we do if the 3D/4D probe oil leakage?

What shall I do if the 3D/4D probe oil leakage? some customers asked.

The following are the reasons for 3D/4D probe oil leakage and the solution from JDP Medical for your reference.


Normally, 3D/4D probe oil leakage is the problem of probe dome.


Probe dome is used in 3D/4D ultrasound probe which function is protect and focus image.


The ultrasound probe will oil leakage and unqualified image after the probe dome is impact, scratch, wear, corrosion, cracking, degumming, bubbles because it meet the human body and environment directly.


It will result in a blockage of ultrasonic signal sending and receiving when the ultrasound probe dome damaged which may cause serious clinical errors.


What are the solutions when you find the probe dome damaged?


1.Send the damage probe to service company for repair. The repair fee is much cheaper than buy a new one and just spend a little time to repair.


JDP Medical suggest that repair it as soon as possible if you choose to repair, otherwise the failure may more seriously in the future.


2.Buy a new or used probe instead of the damage one.


3.You can buy probe dome to repair if you have experience for repairing 3D/4D probe dome, but it is not recommended to repair if you have not experience for repairing probe dome. Certain technique is required to replace probe dome because the 3D/4D probe have oil inside which may oil leakage.


Repair case of replacing probe dome for your reference:


JDP Medical can also provide probe dome parts for repair.

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If friends and customers need the probe dome and repair service for 3D/4D probe, pls dont hesitate to contact


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