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How do you judge the faulty part of camera system?

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How do you judge the faulty part of camera system?
How do you judge the faulty part of camera system?

Some customers from hospital have no idea that how to judge the failure when the camera image have problems. The following are the judgment methods of fault phenomenon for your reference.



How do you judge whether is camera machine or camera head faulty when the camera image have problems?



Pls kindly check the picture below:



HD camera machine by STORZ 222010 20

Camera head by STORZ H3-Z




The following are the fault phenomenons:



Symptom 1, The monitor have color signal after connecting the equipment.

Like the picture below,




If there is no image and no camera head displayed in the monitor. You can judge that is camera machine damage when you change another camera machine in same model and the image become normal. Otherwise, you can consider whether is the camera head damage.



Pls kindly check the picture of a whole camera head.




The camera head is divided into 5 parts:

1. Focus lens.

2. Body.

3. Strain relief.

4. Cable.

5. Plug.



Symptom 2, The image occasionally interrupts or flashes during the procedure.


Since place 3 is the area with the most stress and frequency during the operation, which is mostly caused by poor contact, so we can bend the place 3 when this happens.



Symptom 3, Image color cast (reddish, greenish. Sometimes there are other colors)


We can bend the place 3 which is the same solution of Symptom 2 when this happens. It is probability that the CCD in the camera body is damage if the image doesnt change at all after bending the place 3.



Symptom 4, the image will disturb or flash when shaking the place 4.


Interference may be caused by aging of shielded wire inside the cable, which leads to a decrease in the resistance of the cable to external current interference.



Symptom 5, The image will disturb and flash when shaking the place 5.

It might caused by poor contact between place 4 and the connector in camera machine where are aging.



PS. it might be the image is dark or the problem of circuit in the monitor because the endoscope and light guide bundle have little effect on the image.



Besides, JDP Medical can provide repair service for camera head and camera machine.


If you have damage camera head and camera machine need to be repaired, pls dont hesitate to contact


We will give you best service and quotation for repair.

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